Often I read Blogs. Daily. A lot of them. From time to time I have to evaluate if I read so many for the love of that practice, or is it just a good way to kill time? Procrastinate?

  • Blog reading vs. house cleaning?
  • Blog reading vs. exercise?
  • Blog reading vs. writing?

I go full circle with those funny thoughts until I arrive here: What’s it matter? I love reading. Especially Blogs. And even more so, those written by women I’ve learned to respect for the footprints they are leaving during their time here on earth.

My world expanded the day I discovered Blogs. I don’t remember the first I started following but I certainly remember the most impactful.

Her name is Michele and she wrote about her life on a mountain, completely off-grid, with her husband and children. I was hooked from the start. I finally understood why my mother loved watching soap operas, only this was primo because of the glimpses into real people’s lives. Instead of keeping up with TV actors’ lives, I became absorbed reading about the real lives of a large family as they figured out how to live self-sustainably. I learned so much as it kindled my own life-long fire of desire for a different kind of life.

If you are reading this, Michele, thank you.

Recently I happened upon another Blog that has hooked me! It isn’t about pioneers, or going off-grid, or moving to a remote island and figuring out how to live in the trees. Instead, it is written by a wonderful woman named Betty, mostly about being recently retired, loving home and family, traveling, and just being a warm, lovely lady who is probably around my age.

Betty’s purpose for writing her Blog is just like mine. Quoting her About-us page:

My purpose in writing this blog is:

1) to offer insight for those who may be making similar trips/adventures in the future

2) to share our adventures with family and friends who care to read, and

3) to capture the memories for us.

I’d love to recommend her Blog to you- it is an easy read and will warm your heart.

Chambers on the Road

I plan to be back later this afternoon. We are headed out to the green store in Oak Ridge for some fruit and vegetables and drinking water. I hope to get some pictures to show you, too, so check in later!

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  1. This is so very kind! Thank you for your kind words and for writing this post. What a nice surprise, and you made my day! I look forward to reading your posts. And I agree about blogging. My world has been so enriched by reading other people’s blogs. I also greatly enjoy interacting through comments on both my blog and others. I look forward to reading more of your posts and exchanging our thoughts and ideas. Thank you again, and enjoy your day!

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